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blue channel letters that read "XRM MEDIA" installed on a storefront blue channel letters that read "XRM MEDIA" on a raceway in the shop Channel letter signs are formed from metal and have a channel inside for LEDs. Channel letters are typically used for illuminated signage, but they can also be non-illuminated if if you are just interesting in having deep letters for your sign. Our dimensional letters which are non-illuminated range from 1/4″ to 1″, while our channel letters range from 3″ to 5″.

blue channel letters that read "XRM STUDIOS" installed at the top of a white buildingwhite channel letters that read "2025" installed on a storefrontWe were contacted by Jaz Entertainment to work on a signage project for XRM Media. We made two sets of compound channel letters, one to be installed above the entrance on the awning, and a second to be installed on the side of the building. Channel letters can be front-lit, reverse-lit, or both. Compound channel letters are both front-lit and reverse-lit. The backs are made from clear Lexan and the faces are translucent acrylic. This sign used white LEDs so the lighting that comes out the back is white, while the lighting that comes out the front is whatever color the faces are. Acrylic comes in standard blue, but if you need a specific color we can use translucent vinyl. We used Oracal 8500-005 Middle blue translucent vinyl that we laid on white acrylic so the sign faces light up blue at nighttime.

Compound channel letter signs are typically installed spaced off of the wall so there is space for the LEDs to shine onto the wall. This is the installation method we used for the side sign, however, the entrance sign was going to be installed on the edge of the awning so we also made letter backs for the sign so the LEDs have something to reflect off of. The channel letters were attached to the letter backs which were attached to the raceway that is attached to the awning underneath the sign.

We also made a compound channel letter sign for the address numbers to match the logo signs. These channel letters have just white acrylic for the faces so they light up white for both the front and back illumination.