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Your business sign will probably be one of the first things a person sees related to your company, which means it plays a vital role in promoting your brand and attracting new customers. Use these five tips to evaluate whether your business sign is getting the job done or whether it might need an upgrade.

Visibility is Your Friend

When it comes to your business signs, you need to make sure they are visible. Whether you are working with indoor signs or outdoor business signs, they won’t do you any good if no one can see them. Always make sure your custom business signs are well lit and unobstructed. You also want to make sure that there is high contrast on the sign, so it is easy to read from any distance.

Just Because it’s Pretty Doesn’t Mean it’s Legible

Your company’s sign must look good, but remember not to sacrifice practicality for beauty when it comes to signs. If your business sign isn’t legible from a distance, then your potential customers won’t know how to find you or what kind of business you are offering. When you create custom business signs for buildings, make sure you find a balance between being beautiful and being readable so that your customers know what your business is and how you can help them. An LED business sign is very easy to read, even in darkness, and clearly shows what your business has to offer.

Choose Colors that Reflect Your Brand (And the Right Mood)

Your signage should be consistent with your other branding. Choose colors that match with your logo and all the other business materials you have. As you consider colors, remember that modern business signs have colors that evoke a particular mood or feeling in the customer. Commercial outdoor business signs should be designed to have great colors that will catch your customer’s eye.

More Contrast is Typically Better

You don’t want to put a ton of effort into creating the perfect 3d business sign only to have the contrast be too low. Without proper contrast, it can be nearly impossible to figure out what a custom outdoor business sign is trying to communicate. Aim for a good level of contrast that makes your sign easy to see and easy to read for your customers.

Light it Up!

Without proper lighting, a business sign can’t be seen, and your business will disappear into the background. On the other hand, the right lighting for your business signs will help them stand out from the crowd and make a good impression. Illuminated business signs look great and are highly visible day and night, which makes them ideal for a variety of different businesses.

Your business sign should make a great impression on your potential customers. From stone business signs to LED business signs to bronze business signs, there are many great options for your business. As long as your sign is successfully communicating to your customers, it’s hard to choose wrong!

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