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Business signage is an essential tool for businesses to use to attract customers and provide information. While figuring out what business signs to use, you must look into any required permits in your area. Having the proper permits will ensure that your outdoor business signs can make an impact and stay up for as long as you need them.

Why Your Business Needs Signage

Business signage can help you to bring attention to your company, draw in customers, and provide important information. It would be best if you had signage to help you connect with your customers and remind people where your business is located. When you use LED business signs effectively, among other signage options, you can help to make more of an impact with your business. And the signage you choose will help to emphasize your branding and bring your business forward. Since custom business signs can represent a significant expense, you must have justification for the signs you choose.

The Business Sign Permit

Since your local community is trying to create a safe and comfortable place for people to live and work, they need to have regulations for various things, including business signage. These regulations may include rules on the size and shape of signs, the kinds of lighting you can use, and even the colors in your sign. Signage, especially exterior business signs, often require permits for them to be legally allowed. When you get a permit, you have essentially shown that you will follow the rules for outdoor lighted business signs and have received approval from any applicable organizations.

How to Get a Permit

Once you know you need a permit, your next step is to do the work to acquire one. It is very rare that a business owner can pull a permit themselves. Usually you need some sort of contractor’s license. That’s why our customers love us—we have the appropriate licensing to do any necessary permitting in California. From design, to manufacturing, to permitting, to installation, we do it all!

Good signage for your business can help you connect with customers and make an impression on your local community. And with proper permits, you do not have to worry about legal issues when putting up your metal business signs outdoors. When you work with a designer, they can help you make attractive custom outdoor business signs that fit local regulations and positively impact them.

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