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Business signs are essential because they can convey a brand’s character and identity and make the company stand out from competitors. All businesses should take the time to design a custom business sign to ensure it looks as good as possible. One of the most significant benefits of having outdoor business signs is cost-effectiveness because you only have to pay once to make and install the sign.

Business signs can boost brand awareness, enhance your marketing strategy, and help customers easily spot your business. At Resource 4 Signs, we know that custom business signs can promote your business. Continue reading to learn more about ways to use business signs to your advantage.

Feature Your Logo

Integrating your logo into your custom business signs is a simple way to help people remember you. Think about the iconic Nike swoop; whenever someone sees their logo, they know it represents Nike. If your business also has a simple yet sophisticated logo, find a way to incorporate it into your signage to make your business easily recognizable to customers.

Light Up the Sign

Everyone can see outdoor business signs during the day. However, if your business hours continue into the evening, your custom business signs should include lighting. Backlights are an effective way to help people see your business signs at night. Other lighting options, such as LED neon lights or flood lights, enable customers to read your outdoor business signs regardless of the weather or time of day.

Welcome Customers Inside

A lobby sign can be very welcoming for customers once they step inside your business. Find a good spot to place a backlit logo. For example, the logo could be above the front desk, on a large shelf, or somewhere in the common area.

Less Is More

Custom business signs should be attractive yet not too busy. Less is more in the sign business because it is crucial to have something easy to read and understand in a short amount of time. Use an eye-catching font and leave sufficient white space on your business signs for the best results. Your goal should be to get the message across with as little text as possible.

Be Intentional With Color

Colors can evoke strong emotions or feelings in humans, but people’s perception of color varies depending on their individual experiences. Studies have shown that men tend to gravitate toward bold colors, whereas women prefer pastel-like colors. Use this knowledge to your advantage to better connect with your target audience.

Let us go over the primary colors. For starters, red is a vibrant color that many people associate with love or passion. Depending on the situation, red can also represent power or dominance. Yellow is a cheery and warm color but should not be a primary color on business signs. Since yellow is so bright, it is often difficult to read when used on outdoor business signage. Blue is a non-threatening color; it is also one of the most popular colors financial companies use because it symbolizes stability and reliability.

When determining the design for your custom business signs, select one dominant color plus a contrasting shade to help your outdoor business signs pop. Consider that the most visible colors are blue, green, red, yellow, and black.


Outdoor business signs give customers a first impression, so the design process carefully considers and plans before ordering a custom business sign. Custom business signs should have a minimalistic design, feature your logo, and include colors to make them stand out. Whether you need a building sign, illuminated sign, lobby sign, or outdoor sign, you can count on Resource 4 Signs to manufacture and install any custom business sign you may need.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our rates; we would be happy to talk to you and give you a quote for your custom business sign. Our service area includes Los Angeles County and many surrounding cities in southern California.

If you need help finding the right sign to help your business stand out, then please visit our website for awesome and affordable options.