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Knowing who your audience is can give your company greater chances of reaching your potential customers. Marketing strategies and signs must be thoughtfully planned out and optimized to attract buyers to your business. Today’s discussion will cover audience identification and how that should affect your decisions when creating new custom business signs.

Different Audiences Have Different Aesthetic Tastes

Certain audiences respond more positively to some color palettes than others, and the overall design and fonts you choose for your business signs should be carefully considered. Knowing who your audience is can give you a better idea of what outdoor business signs will work the best. For example, crafting or boutique businesses use cursive or “cutesy” fonts and pastel colors because most of their audience members are women.

Audience Location Affects Sign Placement

Your audience may often come from local foot traffic, but it is also likely that customers driving by will come to your business after noticing your backlit business signs. With that in mind, you must consider where your business is located.

A business in a strip mall should set up tall exterior business signs that are easily readable from a distance. This placement will attract drivers and make them think about going to your store before heading home. However, businesses inside a mall must optimize their foot traffic signage and set up a colorful and attractive sign right outside the storefront. This placement will direct people’s eyes toward the store, making them more likely to stop and browse inside for a while.

Customer Focus Builds Brand Loyalty

Making a good first impression through well-designed business signs can help you build brand loyalty. Customers who view your commercial business signs as aesthetically pleasing and inviting will be more likely to visit your store. Even though looks are not everything, they play a role in business signs.

When promoting your business, it is crucial to list the benefits of your business and answer the why (i.e., why someone should use your services or buy your products). Additionally, your business signs should look professional and be easy to understand because these things help build your customer’s trust in you.


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