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It is imperative for any publicly accessible business in the United States to have ADA-compliant signs; otherwise, you will eventually be held accountable for not following ADA rules and regulations. Continue reading to learn about the ADA requirements for handicap parking signs.

What is the ADA

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. This law covers many things, from employment rules to building accessibility standards. The state of California has additional requirements on top of the federally established ADA regulations. If you own a business in California, it is in your best interest to follow everything regarding ADA signs with exactness.

Requirements for Parking Signs

Handicap parking signs must be positioned at least five feet (60 inches) off the ground in an unobscured place. These ADA signs must also have the International Symbol of Access on it (person in a wheelchair pictogram). If a particular accessible parking spot is suitable for vans, the accompanying ADA signage must also state that.

Requirements for Parking Spaces

Standard handicap parking spaces must be at least eight feet wide and have a five-foot-wide access aisle right next to it. Additionally, these parking spots must be located near the shortest accessible route leading to the entrance. There must be no obstructions inhibiting someone’s access at all times.

The number of accessible parking spaces required for your business depends on your total number of parking spots. A general rule of thumb is to have 2% of your parking spaces set apart as designated accessible parking spaces. If your parking lot has up to 25 spots, it must have one ADA-compliant parking space (and must be van accessible). Van-accessible parking spaces must be 11 feet wide with a five-foot accessible aisle adjacent to them. Of the 2% of your parking lot designated for accessible parking, van parking spaces must make up 1/6th of that percentage.

Get Your ADA Signs Made by the Pros

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