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The Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA) is a U.S. civil rights law enacted to prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities. Businesses must adhere to many rules and regulations to remain ADA-compliant, and all these rules are mandatory. You leave yourself and your business vulnerable to possible lawsuits by choosing to disregard the ADA law. Today’s discussion will cover concert venues and how they can remain ADA-compliant.


Concert venues must have a certain allotment of accessible seating available. Generally, at least 1% of all available seats must be set aside for persons with disabilities. Since it is reasonable to assume that individuals who use wheelchairs must attend a concert with at least one other person, accessible seating also features some regular seats for their companions to sit in.

There is no guarantee that a concert venue will be able to sell all their accessible seats to persons with disabilities. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the system and buy an accessible seat when they knowingly should not do so.


Permanent spaces (according to ADA law, these are defined as an area that is not likely to change), such as restrooms, have to have ADA-compliant room signs next to the entrance. Setting up ADA signs next to these public spaces gives proper accessibility to persons with visual impairments, allowing them to know which room they are entering.


Designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities have to have distinct signage clearly indicating to everyone else that they cannot park there. There are strict rules regarding the measurements and proper placement of each accessible parking space too, but we will not be going over those details today.


All public spaces, including concert venues, must adhere to ADA regulations. Feel free to call us if you still have questions and want to ensure your business is ADA-compliant. Our team members are more than happy to answer your questions.

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