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Storefront signs are the first thing people see before entering the building. As a business owner, it is of utmost importance to cultivate a positive brand experience. One of the ways you can facilitate a positive brand experience is through a custom storefront sign.

There are key components to consider with outdoor storefront signs, including font style, color palette, size, and the sign’s material. Your sign should look legible, professional, and attractive when done correctly. On the other hand, a storefront sign can detract from a brand, especially if the sign is faded, worn out, or hard to read. Continue reading about ways you can cultivate a positive brand experience for your customers through business storefront signs.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Materials

Suitable materials for storefront signs include aluminum, acrylic, dibond (solid plastic core with aluminum faces), and alumalite (corrugated plastic core with aluminum faces). These are common mediums for storefront signs because they are weather resistant and durable. We will briefly discuss the pros and cons of using aluminum and acrylic to help you determine which signage material to use for your business.

Aluminum is lightweight, easy to clean, rust-resistant, and can be cut or bent into any shape you want. It is also versatile since LED lights can be attached directly to these kinds of storefront signs. A potential drawback with this signage material is that it may have to be replaced about every three to six years due to all the exposure to the elements.

Using acrylic for your custom storefront sign is another consideration because it is more customizable, flexible, and easy to carry. Drawbacks to using acrylic include its tendency to fade when exposed to sunlight and the effort and care it takes to clean it.

Tip #2: Make Your Sign Visible

The contrast, size, and positioning of a storefront sign affect its visibility. You must place your sign high on the outside of the building and make it large and legible enough to read in a few seconds. If you want something other than a backlit store sign, add overhead lighting so anyone can see it at night or during bad weather.

Tip #3: Use High-Quality Graphics and Typography

You have seconds to make a good impression on customers in the digital age. The graphics and typography you choose will significantly impact your branding. As you develop a design for your storefront sign, think about how you want your customers to perceive you.

Do you want to stand out from your neighboring businesses? The best thing you can do is keep the storefront sign simple and easy to read. Brands that want to portray sophistication (such as financial institutions or law firms) should lean towards serif font styles such as Times New Roman. If your brand needs a modern look, stick with sans serif font styles like Helvetica. The color scheme can be tricky, but try to align with the rules found in color theory. You could also stick with high-contrast colors such as black and white.

Tip #4: Keep Your Sign Up-to-Date

The most successful brands update their logos and branding at least once every decade. This practice is crucial if you want your business to remain relevant in the eyes of your customers. You want to look like your business is free from the early 2000s. Otherwise, they may decide to go with one of your competitors. Business storefront signs could benefit from a new color scheme or font style every so often to keep them looking fresh.

Tip #5: Follow Local Regulations

All signs in Los Angeles County, including storefront signs, must remain in good repair. Freestanding signs have a height limit of 15 feet, and roof business signs cannot extend below the roof’s lowest point. Additionally, permits and licenses are required before you can legally install outdoor storefront signs.

At Resource 4 Signs, we know all the local regulations regarding storefront signs in Los Angeles County. We can also license any newly manufactured custom storefront sign for local businesses, so do not hesitate to contact us.


Storefront signs are your customers’ first contact with your business. Make a good impression and consider ways to create a positive brand experience. Select the signage material, typography, and color scheme of your storefront signs with care and update them as necessary.

If you want assistance designing and installing a custom storefront sign, you can count on Resource 4 Signs. Our service area covers Los Angeles County, and we look forward to serving you.