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Parking Lot Sign for First Baptist Church in Canoga Park, CA

First Baptist Church of Canoga Park is located on a corner of two streets, Sherman Way and Cozycroft Avenue. They have a monument sign and a walkway on Sherman Way, but the parking lot is on Cozycroft which is a smaller side street. The property is pretty large so as you’re driving down Cozycroft, you follow can follow the fence until you get to an opening. They used to have a sign on the wall to identify the entrance of the main parking lot, but they wanted to update it along with other signs that they were updating on the property.

The church has a walkway on Sherman Way, a walkway on Cozycroft, and a parking lot on the other end of the property to accommodate visitors who are walking, taking public transportation, or driving. As Cozycroft is mostly a residential street, this makes it welcoming and easy for people to live nearby to come to the church.

Especially in the Los Angeles area where there is limited parking, it’s important to indicate where designated parking is to make sure that there is plenty of parking for your actual visitors. There are many instances where there is not enough parking for commercial or residential areas and cars can overflow into neighboring lots which can be frustrating for those patrons, residents, employees, or business owners. If you have clear signage for your parking lot, it can help your patrons know where to park, and make sure that people who are not visiting First Baptist Church of Canoga Park are not taking up the parking spaces.

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