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Creative Caregiver Training was moving into two suites in a plaza right up the street from us. Many plazas will have existing box signs so when tenants move in, all they need to do is replace the sign face. Some landlords prefer this method so there is less damage to the actual building from a sign being removed and installed numerous times. You can see from the photo that since the business was taking over two suites, she had two box signs. The owner decided to have different information on the two signs.

The first step to creating new box sign faces is to get the exact measurement of the faces needed. As the location was so close to our shop, we were able to stop by to get the measurements pretty easily. Our measurements need to be exact, otherwise, the faces will not fit properly. The next step is getting the customer’s artwork for what they want on the sign. The owner provided us with the artwork for the company name and “BECA– USE WE CARE FOUNDATION”, but she also wanted a multi-colored flower for the logo. She didn’t have an art file for this, so she hand-drew the flower and sent us a photo to show us what she wanted the flower to look like. Our designer then created the artwork in vector to go on the sign face.

After just one revision to adjust the petal colors on the flower, we were ready to make the sign faces. The artwork was digitally printed onto translucent vinyl and applied to Tuf Glas. We prefer to use Tuf Glas for our sign faces because it does not yellow over time, it is more durable than regular sign acrylic, and it comes in larger sizes to avoid having a seam in your sign.