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Recently, we were contacted by an existing customer for a new interior sign. Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry has an existing office in Placentia and now they have a new office in Garden Grove that was in need of a lobby sign. From the photos, you can see that this logo incorporates a lot of specific colors. Because of this, we made them a custom painted acrylic dimensional letter sign.

For dimensional letters, we like to use acrylic unless the client wants metal. Acrylic is great because it comes in many different thicknesses and colors. If a standard color is fine, we can just route the letters from acrylic. If the customer needs a specific color, we can paint it, and if they need some sort of texture or pattern, we can digitally print it. We try to stay away from digital prints for exterior signs as they can fade quickly, but for an interior sign, it can work fine. In this case, we painted the letters because the customer was very specific about the logo colors.

Acrylic is also a higher quality product than other plastics or foam. Many businesses will opt for foam due to its affordability but especially but with materials, you get what you pay for and foam definitely does not look as nice as acrylic. Especially for a sign that is going to represent your company that people will be able to see up close, you want to invest in a high-end sign.

No matter what your logo looks like, we will try our best to create a sign in the style you want while being true to your logo. Logos are made in 2-dimensional form so sometimes it can be a challenge to make them into something 3-dimensional. We have a lot of experience in the field and you can trust us to make you a sign that you will be happy with.