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When opening any new location, one of the first things you do to show that you’re open is put up outdoor signage. An official, permanent building sign is very impressive, especially if you add custom elements to it rather than using generic font and colors.

Tessie Cleveland Community Services was opening a new center in Los Angeles, Moses Chadwick Integrated Health Center. They didn’t have a need for an illuminated sign so we decided to make them a non-illuminated dimensional letter sign. The benefits of a dimensional letter sign is that we can virtually make any logo into a 3-dimensional sign. Sometimes there are restrictions if we make an illuminated sign because some letters or components of a logo can be too thin to make into channel letters or to fit LEDs inside of. There are, of course, restrictions with routing, but we can make smaller letters and paint any details if needed.

Acrylic is very versatile and durable so we like to use it for both our indoor and outdoor signs unless the customer wants a sign made from actual metal. Acrylic comes in some standard colors which are great if you don’t have a specific shade you need to use. In this case, we used a standard brown acrylic for the sign. If you do need a specific color, we can paint the acrylic. Tessie Cleveland Community Services wanted Moses Chadwick’s signature to stand out, so we painted the letters a brushed aluminum finish. If you have a specific color you want to use, we just need you to provide the color and we can paint when whatever you want.

The different colors and finishes look great with the building’s fascia. If you are opening a new location, regardless of whether it’s a storefront or a high rise building, give us a call and we can make you a sign that will look great and last long.