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When you’re driving around, you normally use landmarks as an indicator of where to turn or how far you are from your destination. Buildings and landmarks are so commonly used for wayfinding that Google Maps has even started to call out businesses to indicate where to turn as opposed to street names. For example, instead of “turn right at 1st St.”, you are advised to “turn right after the El Pollo Loco”. The main indicator of a business is exterior advertising. Building signs not only show a customer where to find you, they also serve as landmarks to the public. Regardless of your business hours, it’s beneficial to have a lighted sign so your business can become a prominent landmark in your community.

If you own a restaurant, retail store, or any other business that is open past sunset, a lighted sign is crucial so your customers can know that you are still open. When consumers drive around at night time looking for a place to stop for dinner, they’re looking for an illuminated logo to show them where to go.

Depending on what your logo looks like, there are many different lighting options that may work for your specific business. For Ortho Engineering, we decided to make a compound channel letter plaque for their logo. For channel letters, we can do front-lighting and reverse-lighting. In some cases, depending on what the customer is looking for, we do compound lighting which is both front-lit and reverse-lit. In this case, it worked perfectly because the small lettering and details of the logo were able to illuminate to represent the logo properly.

If you’re not sure what lighting style will work best for your logo sign, just send the artwork over to us and we can give some recommendations on what we think will work best for your business and logo.