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An illuminated sign is the best way to attract new customers. LA Tech Repairs is an electronics repair shop that is in a shopping plaza in Walnut, California. Being located in a shopping center or shopping plaza is great because there is a lot of foot traffic coming through for other businesses. Especially if you’re advertising your location day and night, many people are sure to take note of the business.

An electronic repair shop may not be the type of business you visit every day, but it’s the type of place that you want to make sure you have on hand in case something happens to your smartphone or laptop. The company name choice is also very good. It would not only do well for SEO, but the name of the business conveys the business services so anyone passing by would know what LA Tech Repairs does.

Retail stores and restaurants can also benefit greatly from an illuminated channel letter sign because they’re open after dark. Some businesses leave their signs on a little after close, or even all night depending on the location, but having your sign on and your doors open is a surefire way of letting customers know that you’re still open for business.

No matter the type of business you own, you can’t go wrong with a channel letter sign. With so many different ways to customize the sign, we are sure to be able to make you a sign that is perfect for your business. There are different lighting styles, and depending on your logo, many different ways that we can make your 2-dimensional logo into a 3-dimensional sign. Call us today to get started on your custom business sign! If you have a design in mind or have established a logo you would like to use, go ahead and E-mail it to [email protected] with your company information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.