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If you’re in a large office building, it’s likely that you have a lot of interior signage. Office buildings may have a lot of room identification and wayfinding signs, but many businesses will also get some sort of logo sign for the office. Morton Capital Management is a financial advisor with an office in Calabasas, California. Their digital marketing team came up with a new logo for the company and contacted us to update some existing signs for the client. As you can see from the photos, we did some vinyl work for their suite identification signs and for a portion of the glass wall.

Morton Capital Management was very easy to work with and knew exactly what they wanted. We simply updated their existing signage with the same style of sign, just with their new logo. The interior signs were all vinyl work. The office building had room identification signs with each tenant’s logo made from vinyl, and inside of the office, they had their logo on the glass wall. It was very easy to remove and replace the existing vinyl logos.

Keeping your interior signage in an office building up to date is very important. If you’re going through a logo change like Morton Capital Management was, you need to update your logo for all of your marketing. Your business cards, website, social media, and signs all need to reflect the same logo. It can look very unprofessional if a potential client finds you online, sees one logo on your website, and then visits your office to find that your signs are outdated. Over 25% of Morton Capital’s Management’s client relationships exceed a decade in length. If you are trying to win over the business of potentially life-long customers, you want to look as professional as possible.

Are you a property manager or a tenant that needs to update their interior signage? E-mail us today with your new logo and a list of the signs you need replaced and we can get started on your new signs!