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Vinyl is great for interior signs because it is very versatile. Many offices will have glass doors or walls that are perfect for installing vinyl onto. Etched vinyl is very popular for offices because you can cover entire windows to create privacy, or use it to add nice details to a room. As you can see from the photos, we used etched vinyl to create a logo for this office. Morton Capital Management is a financial advisor with an office in Calabasas, California. They updated their logo and we helped them out with updating their signs to match.

Etched vinyl is a type of vinyl that looks frosted. When it’s applied to a clear surface, it gives the effect of frosted glass. For the glass wall, we plotted the logo from etched vinyl and applied it directly onto the glass. Before we made the vinyl graphics, we went to the location to get measurements of the glass wall panels to make sure that the size of the graphic was appropriate to the space we had to work with. We made another etched vinyl logo for them with their full logo that isn’t pictured. They were still going through changes so instead of having us put it up, we left it there for them to put up after they decided on the location.

For the suite IDs, we measured the existing signs to create logos of the appropriate size. These suite ID signs are made in a way so the tenant’s information can be applied with vinyl onto the glass portion. They needed vinyl logos for three of the suite ID signs. One of the signs had their old logo on it so we just removed it for them and put the new one on. The other two were already blank so installation wasn’t a problem.