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AS Aerospace needed a channel letter sign for their building, and also got a lobby sign in the same style. From the photo, you can see that we made dimensional letters of their logo to go behind the reception desk. Their logo has a gradient so we digitally printed the pattern and applied it to the flat-cut acrylic letters and logo.

AS Aerospace is an aerospace fastener manufacturer in Santa Clarita. Many manufacturers will get a building sign of their logo and a matching interior sign for the lobby or reception area. They were moving into this new building and were┬áin the middle of doing some renovations, but even before all of the construction was over, they already had a pretty good idea of what they wanted. The wall that the lobby sign was to go on wasn’t built at the time of our visit, so we just measured the width of the space and created a wall for the rendering. Later, we got a photo from the client of the completed wall so they could approve the proof and rendering.

The main focus was the channel letter sign we were working on for the building so the lobby sign is just a smaller, non-illuminated version of the building sign. Keeping consistency with your logo is very important for branding and this is very common for businesses. A logo sign in your lobby or reception area is also a great way to greet those visiting the business because the lobby or reception area is likely the first place that they will go. An impressive, high-end display of your logo can make a great first impression.

Are you a manufacturing company moving into a new building? Whether you need outdoor signs, indoor signs, or both, we can make you custom signs for your business.