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Sugar Free Shack was looking for a sign company that could help them out with signs for their new location and to help them finalize the artwork for the signs. They found us online and contacted us for a little design work and for their outdoor signs. As you can see from the photo, we made a channel letter sign for the building.

Sugar Free Shack is a bakery owned by Jeasy Monroy and Judd Matsunaga. Monroy started with an online business called Cute Yummy Cakes and is opening a brick-and-mortar location, Sugar Free Shack, which focuses on providing healthier dessert options without using refined sugar. Sugar Free Shack uses a 100% natural, no chemical sweetener that is safe for diabetics. The sweetener is low in calories but has the same great taste as traditional sugar!

Because of what the business represents, they wanted a logo that read “SUGAR FREE SHACK” with the word “FREE” as a stamp. They had a rough idea of what they wanted for the font which we vectorized, but the main detail they wanted to get right was the “A” in “SHACK”. We did two versions for them that they could alternate between depending on what they were using the logo for. One version had a cupcake inside of the “shack” and the other had a cake. We also gave them versions where the words were stacked, and where the words were linear like the one we used for the sign. They wanted these different options to use on different things for the company like branding for the packaging, social media, and the website.

A logo is very important to a business, and we were very happy that we were able to help them establish the logo they wanted to use for their marketing and make them a custom sign that will help attract new customers.