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Channel letters may be the most popular type of sign we make for businesses. Retail stores, restaurants, and professional offices can all benefit from having a sign that can advertise 24/7. From the photo, you can see that we made each word of the business name into its own separate front-lit channel letter box.

After we finalized the logo, we were able to look into options for the channel letters. The first option was considered was a front-lit channel letter sign. With front-lit channel letters, each letter would be its own separate piece and internally illuminated. Then, the client asked for an option where the letters are contour cut, not individual letters. They were happy with this option, and this is what was finalized for the sign.

During the proofing process, we decide on a design. Once the client, landlord, and city approve it, we’re able to pull a permit and get started on manufacturing. To make this sign, we bent the returns for 3 different components. 2 that were contour cut to fit “SUGAR” and “SHACK”, and a rounded rectangle for “FREE”. The backs were made from aluminum, and LEDs were installed inside. The logo was digitally printed onto translucent vinyl and applied to translucent white acrylic for the faces so the LEDs could shine through. The digital prints were laminated for UV protection as the sign was to be installed outside.

Our front-lit channel letters and front-lit channel letter boxes are 5″ deep. From years of experience in making channel letter signs, we’ve found that 5″ deep for front-lit signs is the perfect depth to assure that the face is illuminated properly, but you don’t see any hotspots. Have you driven by a sign at night time and could see exactly where the LEDs were behind the face? That means that the LEDs are too close to the face and that the letters weren’t deep enough.