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We were contacted by Sugar Free Shack to make a channel letter sign for them. This was a new location that they were moving into so along with a building sign, they needed new sign faces for the monument sign. We also helped them finalize their logo which needed to be done before we could start on the proofs for the signs. As you can see from the photos, the new monument sign faces have the same logo as the storefront sign that we blogged about earlier this week.

Sugar Free Shack is a new bakery in¬†Torrance, California that focuses on sugar-free alternatives for baked goods. They wanted to make sure that their grand opening would be anticipated so they wanted to get their outdoor signage up right away. Exterior signs are the best way to advertise your business even before you’re open. Being in a shopping center is especially great for business because patrons of other businesses in the plaza will take notice of your business.

Most shopping centers will have at least one multi-tenant monument sign. Monument signs like these are made to display all of the¬†different tenants in a shopping plaza and the sign itself is installed near the street so those driving by or into the plaza can see all of the different businesses they can visit. The faces are made to be interchangeable and for the most part, the tenants themselves are responsible for replacing these. Some landlords will have guidelines regarding what you can display, but for the most part, businesses will display either their logo or simply what their business offers, like the “TOBACCO” sign next to Sugar Free Shack’s tenant panel.

Sugar Free Shack’s unique logo colors are sure to catch the eye of anyone entering the plaza. Are you moving to a new location? We can take care of all of your outdoor signage needs. Give us a call today!