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Take a look at this multi-tenant monument sign for Northpoint Center in Torrance, California. This is a shopping center and as you can see from the photo, the plaza has many different tenants. The property manager or owner will usually be responsible for the upkeep of the sign itself, but the individual tenants are the ones that need to have the individual tenant panel replaced when they move into the plaza. Sometimes, landlords will be particular about the criteria for what the sign face can look like but for the most part, the only challenge is fitting all of the information you want into the given space.

We helped our client, Sugar Free Shack, finalize their logo. We had made a few different versions including different layouts, and different desserts inside of the “shack”. One version has a cupcake and the other, a multi-tiered cake. For both the building sign we made for them and the monument sign faces, they chose to go with the cupcake version of the logo. We also used a linear version of the logo as opposed to where the letters were stacked due to the space we had to work with. The monument sign faces are wide and short so if we stacked the words, they would end up becoming very small, and we would have a lot of blank space on the sides.

The colors were very specific in this logo so we digitally printed the logo onto translucent vinyl and applied it to Tuf Glas faces. The sign is backlit which is why we used translucent vinyl. If it was opaque, the color wouldn’t show up as well as night time. Tuf Glas is a very strong substrate that we like to use for sign faces because it does not shatter as easily as regular acrylic, and it comes in large rolls so we don’t need to have any seams in the face. Acrylic is limited by sizes that we can get so if a sign face is too large, it needs to be made in two pieces.