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Kids Empire is a unique indoor theme park for children. The first location in the United States was opened in Southern California in 2016, and they just opened a new location in Northridge, California this summer. Numerous obstacles and playgrounds are available at Kids Empire, and they provide parents with a safe place for their kids to play and explore. From the photos, you can see that their logo is very colorful, which is perfect for the demographic of their customers. To make sure that their colorful logo could be seen all day and all night, they wanted front-lit channel letters for their building.

Kids Empire is a great place that focuses on children while making sure it’s also enjoyable for adults. The new location is in a very popular shopping center in Northridge that houses many well-known businesses so they are sure to gain a lot of attention with their new sign. When you are opening a new business, a storefront sign is very important. Even if the location isn’t open yet, people will see the business name and become familiar with it, especially if you are in a popular shopping plaza like Kids Empire.¬†They are already gaining attention on Facebook, and their grand opening is highly anticipated.

Channel letters are a very popular choice for storefront signs, no matter what the business. Even if you’re not open past sunset, a little extra advertising never hurts. Someone may pass by your location at nighttime and decide to look up your business out of curiosity. Parents will definitely be interested to find out what a business called “Kids Empire” could be. If you are in the plaza and close enough, you can also see the banners they have up on the windows which do advertise that they are a “huge outdoor playground”.