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Check out these photos of a colorful sign we made for Kids Empire, an indoor playground opening in Northridge, California who wanted an impactful way to advertise the new location. These are front-lit channel letters so all of the colors and the logo can be seen throughout the day and night.

After the client provided us with the type of sign they wanted, our first step was to do a site survey of the location since the sign was to be illuminated. The interior has high ceilings and the area behind the sign was just a blank wall. This sign needed to be installed with a raceway, but the reason you don’t see it in the photos is because we installed it behind the wall. If possible, we like to install raceways behind the wall so the sign looks nicer from the front.

Our channel letters are hand-bent in-house. The sides of the letters are made from aluminum and for a sign like this where the faces light up, we use translucent acrylic so the LEDs inside can shine through. The client picked out different 3M colors for each of the faces and we laid the vinyl for each face and cut it. The detailed logo on the left was even made from different cut vinyl which took a lot of work, but it will last much longer than a digital print. This was a fairly large sign, each letter is about 3 1/2′ tall so laying the vinyl was not an easy job. But we’re very happy with how the sign came out and it’s sure to attract a lot of new customers for Kids Empire.

Are you looking for a new sign for your business? We make custom channel letter signs and are experts in taking your 2-dimensional logo and making it into a 3-dimensional sign.