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Kids Empire needed a large storefront sign for their Northridge, California location. They had a very colorful logo so we made them a set of channel letters. From the photos, you can see that the multi-colored sign is sure to appeal to their main demographic, kids, and attract a lot of attention from parents who are trying to find fun activities for their children.

Channel letters are likely the most common type of sign that clients ask for. Our channel letters are custom made in-house and we hand-bend the channel letters instead of using a channel letter bender to assure that your sign is the highest of quality. Channel letters are a great way to make your 2-dimensional logo into a 3-dimensional sign as long as you understand what you’re doing. We have many years of experience in making signs so we can come up with a signage solution for you right away.

This sign we made for Kids Empire is a front-lit channel letter sign. The faces are translucent and there are LEDs installed inside so the faces light up. A client would likely want a front-lit channel letter sign if the color that is displayed at nighttime is very important to them. Also, if you have a lot of detail in your logo like Kids Empire, having it front-lit would make sure that all of the details are seen.

A lighted sign is great for advertising regardless of your business hours. Many professional businesses will have a lighted sign on their office building even though they’re not open because it creates brand recognition. People take notice of illuminated signs, and it can be a great way to gain new customers even during your off-hours. Especially with a unique logo like this one, it’s sure to catch someone’s eye.