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Monument signs are a great way to make sure that existing customers can find your location easily while advertising to new customers. From the photo, you can see that we were able to make good use of the space we had to work with and were able to display the logo, the doctor’s name, and the contact phone number.

The first step when creating any new face for a sign, whether it is a monument sign in the ground or a cabinet sign on a building is to get measurements. The Med Spot is not too far from our shop so we were able to schedule a trip easily to get the necessary dimensions. Luckily, there was an existing sign face in the monument sign, and we were able to use these instead of creating new sign faces. We just needed to make a trip to get the sign faces out of the sign, bring them back to our shop, clean the faces, lay the vinyl, and re-install them.

We digitally printed the information onto vinyl and it was cut and laid on the existing faces. We were going to use pre-colored vinyl, but once we saw the logo and the details of the kiss mark, we determined that it would be better to digitally print it. This monument sign is internally illuminated so we used translucent vinyl. If the vinyl is opaque, you won’t be able to see the colors as well at nighttime, which is an important factor for The Med Spot’s logo.

We only went through one revision during proofing, which was a small change to adjust the proportions of the doctor’s name and phone number.┬áThe Med Spot was very easy to work with, and we were able to get their new sign face made and installed quickly for them.