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Cute Booty Lounge just opened a brick and mortar location in Canoga Park, California. Cute Booty Lounge is a business started by TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New host, Kelly Nishimoto in 2004. The goal was to make pants that embraced women’s curves that you could wear out. There are many different styles, and sizes for all body types. Cute Booty became its own business under Kelly Nishimoto’s Design STudio in 2006, and the popularity of the company has been skyrocketing since. The demand for her Cute Booty Pants is ever growing, which led to the opening of a physical location.

The first thing a retail store needs is a storefront sign. They already had artwork ready for what they wanted so getting started was very easy. The sign didn’t need to light up at nighttime so we made them an acrylic dimensional letter sign with different components custom painted. The only revisions we went through were for the client to decide on the color and we were good to go. Almost all exterior signs need to be permitted so once we secured a permit from the city, we were able to start manufacturing and get the sign up in time for their grand opening.

Storefront displays are very important to retail stores, so they wanted to make sure that the sign included the company name and “Since 2004” since they were the original creators of the “Cute Booty” Pants, and there have been a few imitators so they wanted to make it clear that if you shop there, you’re looking at the original Cute Booty Pants.

Are you opening a retail store and in need of a storefront sign? Give us a call to get started on your custom sign. We have many years of experience of making 2-dimensional logos into a 3-dimensional sign for optimal advertising.