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Acrylic is our go-to for custom outdoor signs because it’s a very versatile substrate that is also durable. Cute Booty Lounge, a new retail store in Canoga Park California, was looking for a non-illuminated sign with 3-dimensional letters. They wanted a few different colors included so we decided to go with acrylic letters. The first step when creating a storefront sign is getting the artwork for what the customer wants for the sign, and getting the measurements of the storefront so we can create accurate renderings during proofing, and make sure to design a sign that will be allowed by the city. Both steps were very easy because the client already had the artwork laid out for what they wanted, and the location was very local to us so we were able to swing by for measurements quickly.

Once we’ve decided on the details of the sign dimensions and materials, we move onto proofing. There were a few changes made to some of the dimensions and the colors but aside from that, there were no major changes and we were able to get into permitting pretty quickly. In Los Angeles, we need to go to city hall in person with all of our paperwork ready, including approved proofs from both the tenant and the landlord. Once we’ve secured the permit, we can start manufacturing. We never know if the city might ask us to make changes or not approve something so we always wait until we have a permit pulled to start making the sign.

We started with black acrylic letters since “LOUNGE” was going to be black, and it was a large portion of the sign. All of the other components including the heart and the lettering were custom painted after they were routed from the black acrylic. The letters were stud mounted into the fascia, and the job was completed.