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Many companies will get an indoor sign to match their outdoor sign when getting an exterior sign. Although it’s not as visible as a sign that goes onto a building, it’s a great addition to your interior whether you own a retail store or a professional office.

Cute Booty Lounge is a new retail store in Canoga Park, California. They contacted us for their storefront sign and wanted to get an interior logo sign made and installed at the same time. Initially, both of the signs were going to be made identically, and the interior sign was just going to be a smaller version of the exterior sign. But after a few design changes, they decided that they wanted a mirrored look for the interior sign. You can check out some photos of the store after they had everything set up on theirĀ website. From the photos, you can see that his mirrored metallic look looks great with the rest of the interior decor and gives the store a chic look.

Cute Booty Lounge has been selling their merchandise online, but this is their first physical location. Now customers can see the clothes in person and try them on before purchasing. While online marketing can help draw customers to a website, a storefront can attract foot traffic. Having a great interior makes the shopping experience better, and customers will want to keep coming back.

Are you opening a new retail store and looking for a way to improve your interior decor? Give us a call today to get started on an interior logo sign to create brand recognition while advertising to new customers. We also make high-quality custom digital prints that we can install inside of the store, or onto your exterior windows to display photos of merchandise or store information.