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We made a front-lit channel letter sign for CPC Spine + Body, a chiropractor in Marina del Rey, CA. They are located in The Marina Collection, which is a shopping center. They were just moving upstairs, but had a new logo and needed a new sign. As you can see from the photos, there are many steps involved in creating a channel letter sign. All of our channel letter signs are made in-house by our fabricators.

First, we started with the back of the channel letter. Front-lit channel letters have a solid back so this one was routed from aluminum. The returns are the sides of the channel letter which are made as a separate piece. We don’t use an automatic channel letter bender. Instead, we use a hand brake. You can check out a short video of one of our fabricators making a channel letter returnĀ here. The return is then riveted to the back and we are ready to put LEDs inside of the letter.

The faces for front-lit channel letters are translucent because only the face lights up. The face was routed from acrylic and trim capped. If we need to lay vinyl on the face for a custom color we would do that in this step, but these faces were kept white. We did, however, mask the face to paint the trim cap. The face is then attached to the rest of the channel letter, and the channel letter is completed. The faces can be removed by pulling the face off in case we need to service the LEDs or update the faces in the future.

After the remaining 9 channel letters were made along with a channel letter box for the logo, we attached everything onto an aluminum backer panel for installation. The finished product looks great, and CPC Spine + Body’s new sign is sure to help bring in new customers.