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Channel letter signs allow you to advertise day and night. CPC Spine + Body was moving upstairs from their existing location and needed a new storefront sign. From the 2nd floor, their sign would be more visible to help with advertising their business to new customers. From the photos, you can see that even from the street, their business can be seen clearly.

The sign we made for them was a regular channel letter sign which is front-lit. This means that the channel letter is opaque except for the face which is translucent. With an illuminated channel letter sign, LEDs are installed inside so the faces of a front-lit channel letter sign light up at night time. A client will ask for a front-lit channel letter sign or a reverse-lit channel letter sign depending on the style they want, but another reason for choosing front-lit would be if the color of the letters is important or if there is a logo involved and the logo needs to be seen well at nighttime. When making a channel letter box for a logo, making a front-lit channel letter box with the translucent logo on the face is the easiest way to display the logo at nighttime.

To make the logo, we simply made a circle channel letter. The logo was digitally printed onto translucent vinyl, laminated, and laid onto the white acrylic face. This way, the logo can be seen at nighttime. We can also make compound channel letter boxes which have reverse lighting in addition to front lighting. The face will be whatever color you choose, and for the rear, you can have white LEDs again, or colored LEDs. Standard LEDs come in blue, red, green, and amber. Custom LED colors are very expensive, but available if you want a specific color.