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We were contacted by 10 Speed Coffee, an existing customer of ours who just opened a new location in Santa Monica, California. We had previously done a few signs for the Calabasas, California location. We had already finished and installed their exterior sign in Santa Monica and they wanted to get another sign for the interior. From the photos, you can see that we made a logo sign. This sign is identical to the one they have in Calabasas so it’s in line with their branding.

The client gave us specifics on the sign regarding the size and look so the proofing process was very easy. Since we have worked with this client before, they knew exactly what we needed and send over all of the information along with a vector logo file. The logo in the art file was already in black the proof essentially looked like what they had already sent over.

The logo was routed from metal and painted. They wanted the sign to be spaced off of the wall so we tapped the letters and logo with spacers. When installing a sign like this, we put the pattern up and drill holes where each of the spacers needsĀ to go into the wall. The letters are installed one by one with silicone. The installer does this carefully to make sure that each component of the sign is at the correct level. If one letter went in further than the rest of the sign, it would be very noticeableĀ and would look very bad.

When we first started working at this location for the storefront sign, none of the interior was done so it has been great to see the new coffee shop develop. They are officially open so be sure to visit them if you are in the area.