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AS Aerospace is an aerospace fastener manufacturer in Santa Clarita. They were moving into a new building and were looking for a sign company online to take care of their exterior and interior signage. The interior lobby was installed earlier this year, you can check out the blogĀ here. As you can see from the photos, this is a fairly large sign. The manufacturing time on top of the time to pull the permit caused the exterior sign to take longer which is why we decided to install the lobby sign ahead of time.

When AS Aerospace initially contacted us, they knew exactly what needed to be on the sign, but wasn’t sure of the location yet. When we visited the location, we took photos and got measurements of a few different potential sign locations. As you can see, they decided to have the sign face the street. Since it was to be illuminated at nighttime, they felt that having the sign at the top of the building facing the street would provide optimum visibility.

Many manufacturing companies will invest in an impressive exterior sign. It not only helps people find your location, your sign can help advertise your company and become a landmark for the neighborhood. Many times, a lighted sign will become a prominent landmark, especially if it’s installed on a taller building.

Channel letter signs are great for any business, regardless of whether or not you’re open past sunset. Restaurants can use illuminated signs to attract crowds for dinner, while professional offices can use them to advertise the business 24/7.

Making your logo into a sign is not always easy because you need to take a 2-dimensional design and create it in 3-dimensional form. That’s why you need a professional sign company like Resource 4 Signs to make your custom signs.