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We were contacted by AS Aerospace, a manufacturer that had a new building in Santa Clarita, California. They¬†had found us online while looking for a sign company to make their interior and exterior signs. If you’re interested in learning about how we made the lobby sign, you can check out the blog here. As you can see from the photo, we made an illuminated logo sign for the building sign.

When the client first contacted us, they hadn’t decided on where to put the exterior sign so when we went out to the location, we got measurements and photos of a few different locations. Once the client decided on the sign location, we scaled a sign design based on their logo and the fascia measurements. The logo has a gradient so our initial plan was to create channel letters and digitally print the gradient on the face. After the permit was pulled and we began production, we decided that we weren’t satisfied with how the prints looked and started to look into other options. In the end, we used pre-colored translucent vinyl for the base of the faces and then printed just the black gradient to lay on top of the vinyl. This took a little more work, but we were much happier with the end result.

Making a 2-dimensional logo into a 3-dimensional sign isn’t always as easy as it looks. To be able to fabricate some parts of the sign from metal, we sometimes need to make it in separate pieces or modify it a little bit. This is why you want to find a sign company with a lot of experience making exterior signs to help you with your exterior logo sign.

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