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Orthodontics LA is an orthodontics team based in Los Angeles. The business is run by two doctors who are husband and wife. Together they have two locations, one in Glendale and another in Encino. As you can see from the photos, we made a logo sign for their lobby. This is at the Encino office which isn’t too far from our shop. The office offers different options for orthodontic care to make sure that patients have a plan that works well for their needs.

We’ve done signs for many orthodontist and dentist offices. If your patients are going to enter into your business through a lobby and spend time in the waiting room, a lobby sign or a reception area sign is a great way to improve the atmosphere. A logo sign on the wall not only lets patients know they’re in the right place, it also makes a good impression since it’s the first thing that they see. You can check out more signs we’ve done for medical offices on our website gallery.

This sign we made is an acrylic dimensional letter sign. Acrylic is a great option for logo signs like this because acrylic comes in several standard colors. Orthodontics LA’s logo is mostly white, but the bar between “ORTHODONTICS” and “LA” is green. As this was a very specific green, we custom painted it instead of using a standard green.

Do you have an office with a lobby or waiting room that you want to improve? Along with logo signs, we can also make high-quality digital prints or vinyl lettering for the wall. There are many ways that you can use signs to increase the atmosphere of your office to provide your patients with a better experience. Give us a call today to get started on your custom signs!