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Check out these photos of a logo sign we recently installed for a yoga studio. As you can see from the side photos, this is a dimensional letter sign that we installed on the interior of this business. Sports Academy was opening this new yoga studio and wanted to display their logo on the wall.

Logo signs are great for many reasons. They can help identify the business for people who are specifically looking for it, advertise the business to new customers, and promote brand recognition. Sports Academy has a nice website where you can schedule appointments for the different courses they offer. If someone were to find out about the course online, this sign would definitely help them find the location easily. It was a good idea to have “YOGA” be the main word so it stands out. Adding the logo and company name that’s recognizable from the website is also good to help clients find the location.

The sign also helps advertise to new customers because the yoga studio is located upstairs from Pedalers Fork and 10 Speed Coffee. Patrons of the restaurant and coffee shop will see the word “YOGA” and if they’re interested, they can just go upstairs to inquire about classes. This is similar to being located in a shopping center where you can use your storefront sign to advertise to customers visiting the other businesses in the shopping center.

Lastly, logo signs help promote brand recognition. Sports Academy offers over a dozen different programs so even if someone who sees the sign isn’t interested in yoga, they might consider another class with Sports Academy.

If you’re looking to promote your business, identify your location, and gain new customers, call us today to get started on a custom logo sign. Whether you want an interior logo sign or a storefront sign, we can handle the job.