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So Cal Spa Removal is a demolition contractor based in Wildomar, California. They have been removing spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, decks, and gazebos for several years. A few years back, they reached out to us to get some graphics for their new trailer. The trailer has been through a lot since, and the signs were due for an update. Looking at the photos, you can see that we put a graphic on both sides of the trailer and the rear.

So Cal Spa Removal is a licensed and insured contractor so you can rest easy that they know what they’re doing and that the job is being done right. They will recycle as much debris as possible and clean and powerwash the area before leaving. They service all of Southern California and bring the trailer with them to every job so it’s great for advertising all over their service area.

If you have a company vehicle, you’re missing out if you don’t have some sort of vehicle advertising. Whether you have a full wrap or just your logo on the door, you will gain a lot of impressions by taking advantage of this advertising space. Having your logo on your vehicle also lets your clients know you’re at the location. Our bucket truck and service truck both have graphics of our logo and we take our trucks to every installation.

With vehicle graphics, you can advertise while you’re in traffic, and even when the car is parked. If your vehicle is outside of a client’s home, neighbors or anyone driving in the neighborhood may see it and contact you for your services.

If you have a business where you go to the customer, vehicle advertising is a must. Give us a call today to get started on your custom vehicle signs.