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Vehicle advertising is a great method for companies who are always driving to their clients. So Cal Spa Removal is a demolition contractor that has been removing spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, decks, and gazebos since 2011. They are constantly on the road due to the nature of their business, and they have a trailer that they use to carry equipment from job to job.  We had made some signs for the trailer a few years back, and they contacted us recently to get them redone. So Cal Spa Removal services all of Southern California, so the trailer has gotten a lot of mileage.

We had originally digitally printed the signs and this time, we decided to use cut vinyl. Cut vinyl lasts longer than digital prints, but the only downfall is that vinyl doesn’t come in every color. If you’re printing something, we can take the color from the art file. But if we’re using pre-colored vinyl, we need to find a close match the color. This wasn’t an issue with the signs for So Cal Spa Removal because all of the graphics are black, but this can become an issue for some clients if they have specific colors in their logo. Many times, it comes down to longevity versus accuracy of color, and most of the time the clients choose longevity.

There are many substrates that we can mount vinyl onto because vinyl can pretty much stick to any flat surface. For these signs, we used aluminum due to its durability and lightweight nature. You can also purchase aluminum with painted faces so we used white painted aluminum and all we needed to do was plot the black vinyl and adhere it to the aluminum.

Mounted vinyl signs are an affordable way to display information, and it’s completely customizable. Call us today to get started on your custom signs.