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The Matador Baseball field is located on the campus of California State University at Northridge (CSUN). In early 2017, CSUN Athletics announced the new Baseball Stadium Renovation Project. The new project proposed a new entryway, an expanded hitting facility, a team building, chair back seating, donor areas, new restrooms and concessions, a children’s play area, and grass berm seating.

The Matador Field was originally built in 1961 and has been through a few renovations since. In 1975, there was a 3-year renovation that included a new infield, scoreboard, batting cages, fencing, bleachers, and press box. In 1981, a new clubhouse adjoining the dugout was constructed. Anew infield was installed again in 1993, followed by a new scoreboard and a video replay screen in 1996. This most recent renovation is estimated to cost $15 million. Along with the new additions, the capacity of the stadium will also be expanded.

8716The new entryway is meant to honor the Matador Baseball history. Below is a rendering of what the new entryway will look like. We made a channel letter sign that was installed at the top of the entryway. This is a channel letter sign that can also be seen at nighttime. As there are people on the campus at nighttime, and baseball games can run after sunset, it was important that the sign was internally illuminated. As you can see from the photo, the school colors are reflected in the daytime, but the letters are white at nighttime so they can be read clearly.

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