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Some of you may not know that Hustler Magazine was originally published by Larry Flynt in 1974 to promote his clubs, Hustler Club. The magazines were a success, and almost half a century later, the magazine is still in circulation. Hustler has definitely grown as a brand with Hustler CasinosĀ and Hustler Stores. Hustler Stores has been very successful with over 20 stores nationwide and counting. Hustler Hollywood in West Hollywood is the first location and there are several more locations in California alone. A few years ago, we started making signs for a few of the California locations. The types of signs ranged from mounted digital prints, interior illuminated box signs, and exterior signs.

Although our shop is located in Chatsworth, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, we have gone out of state for several Hustler Hollywood locations. Most recently, we did some signs for their new Dallas, Texas location. From the photos, you can see that we made some large digital prints to be installed in the interior of the store.

These digital prints are very large, with the smallest one at this location being a little over 7′ tall. We’ve made these graphics for about a dozen stores at this point and they definitely help keep up the theme of the stores. Large displays of the models and the founder, Larry Flynt, are a great addition to the interior. Interior graphics are great for stores because you can display anything you want. As long as you have a high enough resolution photo, we can make it into a large vinyl print. We can apply the vinyl directly onto a flat surface or mount it onto a rigid substrate first, and then mount it as we do for Hustler Hollywood.

No matter what business you’re in, you can definitely benefit from interior wall graphics.