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It’s important to display your school logo to not only advertise the school but to create school spirit. When it comes to logo signs, having your logo in your lobby or reception area may be the most popular sign behind a building identification sign. We did make two sets of channel letter signs for LMU’s building, but we also made this acrylic dimensional letter sign for their interior. As you can see from the photo, the sign is installed in the lobby area.

Many businesses will get a logo sign in their lobby or reception area because that is the first room that someone will see and you want to make a good first impression with anyone that enters your location. We have even made a logo sign for a retail store to go behind the cash register as it was the center of the store.

The lettering on this sign is very simple, and it mimics the building sign that we made. The channel letters are also black, they just have reverse-lighting at nighttime. This room has subtle lighting on the wall which helps light the sign a bit so internal illumination might have been too much for this sign. The black acrylic lettering works very well with the wood-paneled wall and looks great in their lobby area.

Loyola Marymount University is the parent school to many school and campuses, and LMU School of Film and Television is one of the newest schools. They are located in a brand new building in Playa Vista, which is why they needed a lot of new signs. Aside from this lobby sign, we also made ADA compliant room identification signs, two sets of channel letter building signs, and made some new lettering for their monument sign.

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