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When we talk about building signs, we’re usually referring to a logo sign that helps advertise a business. However, building signs can have many different purposes, from being informational, or helping with wayfinding. SV Marketplace in Simi Valley didn’t need a building identification sign, but they did need address number signs and a parking entrance sign.

They had re-painted an existing building and the previous address number sign was removed so they needed two sets, one to face the inside of the plaza and another to face the street. The perimeter of the bottom floor is a covered parking structure so they wanted a sign to direct people to the entrance to park and to let them know the clearance to avoid any car damage if their vehicle wouldn’t fit.

Although many people will simply type the business name into their navigation app to find a business, an address is still an efficient way to find a location. The building is on the corner of a shopping center, which is why there are two sets of address numbers. This way, people driving from all locations can find the building easily.

One of the most stressful things about driving around Los Angeles is finding parking. It’s relieving to find that the location you are trying to visit has its own parking, and it’s even better if it’s easy to find. Once you drive into the center that the building is located in, there is a sign that reads “ENTRANCE” that can be seen easily. This helps those who are visiting 1900 E Los Angeles Ave. see that there is specified parking for them.

Amongst many different types of signs, we have years of experience in assisting office buildings with both exterior and interior signage. Give us a call today to get started on some custom signs for your business.