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Building signage comes in all shapes and sizes and depending on what you are looking to achieve with your signage, you may need a custom-made sign made. If you are looking for generic numbers or letters for a sign, you can easily find them online and find someone to install them. However, if you or a designer have something specific in mind that is designed to look good with your exterior, you will need to find a custom sign company that can make it for you. Especially if you are interested in displaying your unique logo as a sing, you will need it custom made.

SV Marketplace in Simi Valley, California had an idea of what they wanted for their signs based on some drawings from their architects. They wanted the address to be displayed on the building and an entrance sign for the parking area. For the address numbers and the “ENTRANCE” sign, we used 1/2″ thick white acrylic that the characters were routed from. The reason we used 1/2″ thick acrylic is that we like to use a thicker material for larger, exterior letters to make them more durable. The reason we used acrylic is that the lettering was to be white, and acrylic comes in white as one of their standard colors. If the client needs a specific color, we can paint it.

For the clearance sign, we put black lettering on a white background to make sure that it stood out to avoid any accidents. If we also made this sign from white acrylic dimensional letters, it would blend in with the word “ENTRANCE”, and we wanted the clearance height to stand out as much as possible.

These new signs will do a great job of helping people find the building, finding the parking, and letting people know whether or not their vehicle will fit in the parking area.