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Using different types of vinyl, we can make customized signs for all purposes. We can digitally print your logo onto vinyl and cut it out to create spot graphics for your vehicle, or for your window storefront. Using a higher quality vinyl, we can essentially create wallpaper by printing large graphics and covering your entire wall. Vinyl is very versatile, and most may not know that most of the signs they see on a daily basis use vinyl. Vinyl also comes in many different colors which is great for making long-lasting exterior signs. Check out these parking lot signs we made for an office building that is located in a shopping center in Simi Valley, California. These signs were made by applying vinyl to an aluminum panel and attaching them to posts.

The client provided us with the information that needed to be on the signs. We made two different types of signs and made 5 of each. We were working on a few other signs for the office building, SV Marketplace, so we made an initial site survey trip to get photos and measurements of all of the different sign locations. There were a few existing posts that we could mount the signs onto, but a few more were needed so the order included five 8′ tall U-channel posts. The posts need to be installed with concrete into soft dirt, and the client needs to provide us with a spot that does not have any pipes, sprinklers, or any other lines underneath so we don’t interfere with anything while we’re digging.

To make these signs, we started with .080 thick white aluminum. All of the red and black you see is cut vinyl that we applied on the white aluminum. Check out the photos to see how we mounted these aluminum signs onto the existing post.