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Monument signs are commonly made from concrete, stone, or a high-density foam and are very permanent. However, other components of the sign like the sign face and letters may not be as durable after years of the sign being exposed to UV rays and the different weather conditions. We may not need to worry about water damage from rain or snow in the Los Angeles area, but we do get high winds and very strong sun.

West Hills Church is a church in the West San Fernando Valley. They have an existing monument sign that can be seen from the street that is double-sided and displayed the name of the church, the time and day of the worship service, and a quote. They reached out to us to have us replace the existing faces with white acrylic faces and new black vinyl text, clear Lexan panel protectors, new frames and hinges, dimensional letters to read “WEST HILLS CHURCH”, and to repaint the window frames on the steeple and replace the “window panels” with white acrylic. We also replaced one of the ballasts and 5 lamps for the internal illumination.

In order to take a look at the existing sign and get the proper measurements for what the sign needed, we went out to the location to measure all of the different parts of the sign and get a better idea of the current state of the sign. Once we had the proper measurements for the existing face and the new information that West Hills Church wanted to display, we were able to get started on proofing. In the original design, we had “WEST HILLS” bold while “CHURCH” was thinner. We also had “Paster Scott Julian” as the largest letters on the faces, but after seeing how the sign looked in the mockup drawings, they decided to make all of the dimensional letters the same thickness and made all of the letteringĀ on the new faces the same size aside from the website.