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There are many different types of materials that we can use to make an interior logo sign for your company. Acrylic comes in many different colors but can also be custom painted. Vinyl also comes in many different colors, and we can also digitally print onto white vinyl. Metal can have different finishes, and aluminum can be anodized to be any color. With all of these options, we can easily find a way to make your unique logo into a 3-dimensional sign for your office.

Specialized Orthopedic Solutions had found us online and reached out to us for a lobby sign. They were planning to paint their wall from their logo green to a dark gray and wanted to put up a logo sign. The client had already looked at different ways of laying out the logo and sent us what they wanted the sign to look like. They had provided us with all of the logo files that they had on hand, but none of them were in vector format so we also included design time to vectorize the logo for him. We sent him the vector logo files after we were finished so the client would have it in case they needed it in the future.

The “SOS” letters are behind the name of the business so we mounted these flush to the wall, while “SPECIALIZED ORTHOPEDIC SOLUTIONS” was mounted with 1/4″ spacers. So it is right on top of “SOS”. Since logos are 2-dimensional, there are many times where components of the logo can overlap when made into 3-dimensional signs, and we need to figure out the best way to make the sign while making sure that it looks true to their logo. Sometimes, it is not possible to make a logo sign exactly how the logo was designed, and we need to make a few adjustments.