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Circle Park is a well-known private park in Beverlywood, California that even has its own Yelp page. Circle Park is owned and maintained by the Beverlywood Homes Association. The park is being remodeled so Beverlywood Homes Association reached out to us for some new signage they needed to list rules in a few different places in the park. It’s important to make sure that the rules are listed at a park to make sure that all of the park visitors can enjoy their time.

They had a few existing signs around the park that were in need of an update. ForĀ a couple of the existing signs, information was spread out among two different signs so we consolidated all of the information onto one 24″ x 18″ sign face. We made a total of 4 new signs that we installed around the park. We provided and installed white posts and manufactured and installed the metal faces. The aluminum was white so we plotted the lettering out of the green vinyl and laid it on the aluminum.

These signs have all of the information that needs to be displayed for the park, and it’s repeated around the park numerous times. The signs have the name of the park, that the park is only open from sunrise to sunset, a list of items or activities that are not allowed in the park, and the phone number to contact Beverlywood Homes and Association with any questions or concerns. These matching rules of usage signs and their new posts will look great in the remodeled park.

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