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Metal signs on posts are very common and very versatile. From parking signs to road signs, we can virtually display any information you want as long as we have space to install a post. Circle Park is being remodeled so the signage was being updated also. We were replacing some existing signs with uniform Rules of Usage signs and brand new posts.

Beverlywood Homes Association owns and maintains the park, and they are the ones that reached out to us for the signs. The city had already given their approval on what the signs would say so they provided us with the artwork when we began the project. They wanted a green background with white lettering so we started with a green vinyl and plotted the letters out of the vinyl. We routed five sheets of 24″ x 18″ x .080 white aluminum with rounded corners and laid the vinyl on the aluminum sheets. As the aluminum was white and the letters were cut out of the vinyl, the lettering is white on the face of the signs. We didn’t put vinyl on the back of the metal signs so the back was left white, and we provided and installed 1″ white metal posts to match. Although this is a private park, there are still risks of vandalization, which is why the client asked us to include an anti-graffiti laminate.

The posts are 84″ tall overall, but 2′ of the post needs to go into the ground for installation. Before we even start digging, we have the client confirm that there aren’t any pipes, sprinkler lines, or anything else underground that we could break while digging. The posts are installed with cement after the metal signs have already been screwed on.

The brand new Rules of Usage signs look great and are sure to help the park stay clean and safe after its remodeling.