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Special-Fit is a fitness-based program in Chatsworth, California. Special-Fit is for individuals of all abilities. The program was created out of the awareness that the fitness industry, school systems, and community-based programs are not delivering the type of opportunities necessary to meet the fitness needs of all people. Special-Fit also shares space with Winning Edge Fitness, a family-owned gym, and training site.

While social media and online marketing can bring in the majority of business for fitness programs and gyms, Special-Fit and Winning Edge wanted an exterior sign to advertise their location. Exterior signs can also help someone locate a business easier than just looking for an address number. The sign features the two company logos, and “Specialized Fitness Center” so the building can be easily identified.

Special-Fit and Winning Edge Fitness are surrounded by buildings that are identical to theirs. A custom sign is a great way to make sure that the business stands out and make to sure that someone who found them online can locate the building easily. We made them a mounted digital print sign that we installed right above the doorway. A mounted digital print sign is an affordable and easy way to identify your building. Mounted digital print signs are also completely customizable. As long as you have vector artwork, we can print whatever you want. Vector artwork can be blown up to large sizes without losing quality, so your only restriction is the total sign area allowed by the city. We have years of sign permitting experience so we will make sure that the sign is something that will be allowed by the city before we even send you your first quote.

Are you looking for a building sign so your customers can find you easily? Do you want to attract new customers to your location with signage that is up 24/7? Give us a call today to inquire about the different outdoor signs that we can manufacture.