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There are many different ways to make a lobby sign and the method is usually dependent on what the client is looking for. Roncelli Plastics reached out to us through our website after finding us on a Google search. They were looking for a sign company to help them display their logo inside of their office. With their first message, they sent along a file of their logo so we could start to get an idea of what they were looking for. After reviewing the photo, we got on the phone with the client to discuss the different options for their logo sign.

They definitely wanted an acrylic backer panel so we started there. The logo could either be 2-dimensional, or 3-dimensional. The client was interested in seeing the price point for both options so we quoted them for a version where the logo was digitally printed onto vinyl and a version where the logo was flat-cut from acrylic. As you can see from the photos, the client decided to go with the digitally printed vinyl option.

To determine the size of the sign, the client provided us with the dimensions of the wall along with the dimensions of the reception desk that was going to be underneath the sign. Using this information, our designer was able to determine a good size for the sign based on the space we had to work with. In our first rendition, the sign was 23″ tall and 84″ wide. During proofing, the client was able to see a mockup of the sign and decided that he wanted the sign to be 72″ wide instead. We kept the height the same and scaled the logo down to look good on a 23″ x 72″ backer panel.

After the logo was digitally printed, it was plotted and laid onto the 1/4″ clear acrylic backer panel. This is done with one or two fabricators based on the size of the graphic to assure that the vinyl is laid correctly. The sign was installed with 8 standoffs which are installed by screwing the base of the standoff into the wall, aligning the panel with the standoffs, and screwing on the caps. The installation is also typically done with two people.