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Municipal Water Savings Corporation is a water utility company that services all of Los Angeles, California. Their vision is to revolutionize the way homeowners think about and use water. They strive to provide technology that enhances water quality, raise awareness about water-related issues, educate consumers about how to reduce water consumption to save money, empower homeowners with leak detection technology, and offer peace of mind through their proactive plumbing service.

They have an office in Encino and were interested in getting a wall sign for their entrance, and a wall sign for their reception area. While we were working on the signs, they asked us if we could also install some other signs they had purchased prior. These consisted of MDF signs that were hung on the walls, and a foamcore poster to be installed with velcro.

Their office consisted of a few different rooms so they wanted to have signs put up all throughout the office. The signs that we made were meant to be seen right away, and their MDF signs displayed brand specific images and quotes.

Whether you have few or many clients visiting your location, it’s important to make sure that your interior office space is personalized, not only for visitors but for your employees. Having bright images and logo repetition throughout the office can help boost employee morale regardless of your industry.

Are you interested in personalizing your office interior with customized signs? Give us a call today to get started on a custom lobby sign, reception area sign, or conference room sign of your own. We also make room identifications signs that are ADA compliant, directory signs for your lobby, custom wall graphics, and custom window graphics. No matter your industry, logo, or interior decor, we can make you custom signs that will help your business look great!